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There are a number of beautiful get-away spots near Bombay - from the hilly Matheran to Goa on the beach.
Lonavla and Khandala.Lonavla and Khandala are two hill resorts near Mumbai. These twin places are just 107 kms from the rat race of Mumbai. Khandala gives a good view of the rain-water-fed waterfalls while Lonavla acts as the base for the Karla & Bhaja Caves. These caves date back to the 2nd century B.C and are one of the finest examples of rock temples by the Hinayana sects in India.This pillar is associated with Ashoka and is believed to have been kept there later. Bhaja caves are older and peaceful than the Karla caves. Bhaja has out of 18 cave ten are vihars and one is an open chaitya. There are 14 stupas just outside these caves. Lohagad fort and Visapur fort are also nearby.


Matheran is the nearest Hill station to Mumbai. name means "Jungle Topped" or "Wooded Head" which is just what it is- an undulating hilltop cloaked in shady trees. It became popular during the days of Raj as the abundant shade and altitude (800metres) made it slightly cooler than Mumbai.

This place was discovered in 1850 and due to its greenery & shade it was immediately taken as the nearest hill station from Mumbai. Matheran is sightly above the plains so it is cool and provides escape from the heat of Mumbai. Matheran has maintained the tranquility and peace by banning any kind of motor vehicle within the town limits. The best season to visit this place is between November to June but the place is worth visiting any time of the year. During the monsoon the trails become very dirty and the place virtually shuts down.

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Mumbai Overview
Best Season: .Mumbai (Marathi: मुंबई, Mumbaī, I, formerly called Bombay, is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Mumbai, the most populous city in India, is the second most populous city in the world,In April and May and around the Diwali Festival in October/November. During the tourist season, you won't find accommodation unless you've made a reservation well in advance. During the monsoon season Matheran virtually closes up. Very few hotels and restaurants remain open, and the dirt walking trails and roads become very muddy. On the plus side, there are very few people around, and the hotels that remain open reduce their rates significantly.
Population 13,922,125 (1st) (2008) Density 21,880 /km2 (56,669 /sq mi) Metro 21,347,412 (1st) (2009).Time zone IST (UTC+5:30).Area 603.4 km2 (233 sq mi) Elevation 14 m (46 ft)